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As installers of EV Box, Rolec and EO, we have the charging solution for your business.

Deciding on the correct charger for your location will be

down to a number of considerations.

You can view and purchase the range of EV chargers that we install via our Shopify page.

Considerations when buying a new EV Charging Point

Your first consideration will be where to place the charger, on a wall or do you need a pedestal. It will need to be placed as a minimum 0.75cm high. If its going on a wall will you be able to access it without having the cable causing a trip hazard. Do you need a dual or a single outlet. A dual pedestal sits between two parking spaces and is cheaper than two singles.

Then you’ll need to know what your charging speed will be. The options for a 3 phase charger are 16A or 32A universal type 2 socket giving power of 11kW or 22kW.

If you only have a single phase connection you will only consider be able to provide power of 3.6kW or 7.2kW.

On average you’ll get 3 miles per kw per hour of charging, so 7kW will give you 21 miles and 22kW 66 miles.

Finally, you’ll need to take into account how the charger will be accessed, with a fob, key, RFID card or online via an app. Even if

you are offering free charging for your staff or customers you’ll want to restrict who is able to access your EV charger. Consider also how you will invoice customers, each of our EV chargers has a different option for billing.

EV Box is one of the best for understanding the practicalities of fleet

management and public charging requirements, with its comprehensive back-office system. UCS are also able to offer you connection with Genie Point, one of the UK’s leading national charge point operators, allowing you to maximise the use of the charge and benefit from a quicker ROI.

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What EV Chargers do we install?

We can supply and fit either the Rolec, EVBOX or EO electric vehicle charging points at your business premises. We have an abundance of additional resources to help you find out more about these products too. 

To find out more click on any of the the images below to download the pdf datasheets and watch the videos for even more information on these products.

Did you know?

  • New Electric Vehicles can now travel over 300km before needing a recharge.
  • Electric Cars have low maintenance due to fewer active components.
  • Cost of Charging your vehicle can be as little as 2p per mile, and by using EVBOX you can charge your vehicle up to 6 times faster than a regular 13A socket.
  • Electric Vehicles are a far more cleaner option for the environment, cutting out CO2 emissions
  • Government Grants for new car purchases as well as your very own charging points are available now.
  • Electric Cars are now an affordable and economical option.


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